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Mystery ER on Discovery Health Channel Air Date

We finally have an air date for the Mystery ER episode!

September 8, 2008 – It will premier on Discovery Health Channel and I believe the time is 8 pm Eastern and Pacific. But check your local listings to be sure.

After it airs on Discovery Health Channel it may run on Discovery or TLC if you don’t receive the Discovery Health Channel.

We are praying for the producers and cast of the show, and for accuracy :) Which is always fun in television.

I will let you know more as I receive the information.

God is good and He is God.…


The Alarmed Milk-Man

Last night, I was still awake in the living room, attempting to get some work done since my brain was still in high gear. It was around 11:30 pm and through the front blinds, I saw what I thought was a flashlight coming up the driveway. I watched as the light drew closer and then bolted into “mother bear – protect” mode.

Not fully thinking through my plan of offense, I yanked the front door open, successfully setting off our custom, high security, alarm system. What did I find? The milk-man. Delivering our milk and icing it down in the ice chests, so that we would have fresh, organic milk in the morning.

Not only did I freak the poor man out – I sufficiently scared myself with the screeching of the migraine-inducing alarm. I don’t suggest this scenario to make a good impression.

I never thought through the process …


Turbulence… Continued

I have had a BUNCH of emails about my last post. :) Thanking me, begging me for help, telling me you’re completely lost, but want to try. Remember, we are all in this together, we should be helping one another, encouraging one another, holding one another accountable.

None of us are perfect. There has never been a perfect parent on this earth, nor will there ever be. We should strive to follow God’s example – because we are His children. And HE is the perfect example.

First, I’m going to ask some interesting questions.
#1 – Have you noticed the difference in the children in our society today?
#2 – If you lived fifty years ago, or a hundred years ago, would you be raising your child in the same manner? (i.e. discipline, standards, rules, etc.)
#3 – Are you consistent in your parenting, and do you follow through?

I had …


A.K. Arenz

Bio: Mother of two grown daughters and grandmother of three, A.K. Arenz has been writing since she was a child. A member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Arenz lives in Missouri with her husband and two Himalayan cats.

The Case of the Bouncing Grandma

Book Blurb:
Reduced to watching new neighbors move in as a form of amusement, Glory Harper is stuck in a wheelchair with a broken leg, bored and itching for excitement. She just doesn’t expect it to come in the form of a fool dangling from the end of a carpet as it’s carried into her new neighbor’s house.

The problem is getting someone to believe her. It’s bad enough that her daughter and sister are convinced she imagined the incident. But when the police recognize Glory as the woman whose skateboarding accident resulted in a multi-car pile-up, her believability quotient lowers even more. …



I’m in Nashville, and we had the wonderful privilege of flying. (And for all of you jokesters out there – No, my arms aren’t tired – we flew on an airplane.)

Anyway, it was an interesting flight. And quite a turbulent one to boot. Add a screaming toddler a few rows back, and it became an adventure.

Let’s just say that when the flight attendant gets on her little speaker thingy (RUNS to her speaker thingy is a better choice of words) and says, “All right everyone, the captain has illuminated the fasten seat belt sign, and you’d better make sure it’s tight!” You should know at that point, that it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Now, we’ve had lots of practice with turbulence. Landing anywhere in Alaska proves to be turbulent, no matter where you are going in the beautiful state – and that’s on the big planes. …


How Many Pages? A New Contest!

Once again, my children amaze me.

We just finished another quarter of school, and as I tally up grades and prepare report cards, I also add up our reading lists. We each keep a list of the books we have read – author, title, number of pages.

They have each read thousands of pages in a single quarter. My daughter, has read 20,874.

Did you catch that? Twenty Thousand, Eight Hundred and Seventy Four. One hundred and eight books. In ONE quarter. That’s not a quarter of a year – it’s a quarter of a school year.

So, I decided to come up with a challenge for all of my readers. For one year, I’d like everyone to keep track of the books they read. Write down the title of the book, the author, and how many pages. If you read picture books to your kids, write those down too! …



Congratulations to Laura – with her guess of Woodkaylakimjoshjemy – It is the closest to the name of the tumanhofer in DragonLight! (Ha! You thought I was going to tell you the name, didn’t you? You will just have to read the books – and boy, are they worth it!)

And a round of applause for Leila – our honorable mention – who also wins a great prize – because her guesses were so stinking creative! One of my favorites is: Kimberlashuamy

DragonLight releases tomorrow: June 17, 2008! So be sure to pick up your copy.

I have emailed these great ladies, and thanks to all of you who participated. We had over 650 guesses overall – and it was quite the challenge keeping up with all of you creative people!

Be watching for future book giveaways!

And read, read, read.

You guys are so much fun!…