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MBUs, Mail, and Happily-Ever-Afters

I’ve had at least fifty of you wonderful people ask me if there was ever an “ending” to my mailbox story.

Well, I’m pleased to announce – we have MBUs. I still don’t know what that stands for, and I don’t want to know – so don’t spoil it by telling me. :) We have many neighbors now, so it needed to happen. Today, I received my mail in my nice, little, locked slot. Our mail carrier, Tom, is about the sweetest thing ever as we laughed about my lovely mailbox in a tub which has served us well these past months. I guess it will have to be retired now. Several asked for me to post a picture of this. (I mean really, can you imagine my mailbox on a post in a bucket of cement in front of the Extreme Makeover home?)Quite the sight, let me tell you! I …


Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Our episode of EM:HE will air again this Sunday, July 27, 2008 on ABC.

I’d like to take a moment to thank all of the thousands of wonderful people who nominated us over the years for the show. When we heard about the nominations, tears flowed… abundantly.

God is so good. Through Josh’s life and death hopitalizations. Through Kayla’s trials and triumphs with her disorder. Through her brain surgery and recovery. And through the day to day challenges we’ve faced, God is so good. And He will continue to be.

This experience has changed our lives in many, many ways. Kayla’s health has skyrocketed in the time we’ve been in our new home, and Josh hasn’t had one incident with his asthma. I don’t have to take Kayla’s temp all the time inside our home. And as we are in the hot months, spending time inside is never boring. :)

Thank …


Sticks and Stones…

I never have liked that little rhyme, because for the most part, it isn’t true.

Words are very hurtful, and they can never be taken back. Do you think before you speak? Another ouch. (Yes, we’re ALL guilty.)

We’ve dealt with a situation for a while now where a family has lied about us and said some very negative things. Oh, not to our faces, but to other people. And when we’ve gone to these people that have said the ugly things to ask them about it, they’ve always said there isn’t a problem. The only thing we can do, is forgive them and move on. But those words, those lies were still said. They can’t be taken back.

People are motivated by many things to say what they do, but I believe, it comes down to pride. Competition, jealousy, arguing a heated topic… it all leads back to pride. …


How Many Pages? Our New Reading Contest!!

I have had a LOT of interest in the reading contest I challenged you all to last month.

So, here is another reminder and more info.

Keep track of the title, author, and number of pages for the books that you read.
And ALL books count. If you are a pre-school teacher and read a stack of books each day to your students, they ALL count. Keep track of them! The non-fiction, self-help books that you read, Bible Study books, novels, books you read to your children, AND there will be a special prize for those who read through the entire Bible during our year-long contest!

There will be winners for:
Most Books Read
Most Pages Read
Most Variety of Authors Read
and those who read through the entire Bible AND one of the above.

So, get to reading!

I’ve had hundreds of emails from you all saying how inspiring …


Please! Turn Down the Music!

We live in a neighborhood that is under construction (in fact, we were the first house in the neighborhood) – a LOT of construction.

This morning, I was editing the chapter I wrote yesterday, and music blaring from the home-site behind us kept interrupting my train of thought. Let’s just be honest, it was driving me nuts. We’ve had a serious issue with this, and I don’t know how many times I have calmly driven around the neighborhood asking the various workers to turn down their music. We homeschool, my husband works at home, and I write at home–we are home all the time. (I know, we’re not the average family – but that’s a long story in and of itself) :) Anyway, I got so aggravated that I actually opened the door and yelled out, “PLEASE!! Turn down the music!”

Yes, I know, highly intelligent – since the music is …



A few months ago, I had the privilege of meeting another incredible Mom. I had spoken to their group and she approached me afterward with this precious, beautiful, little baby girl in her arms.

The baby girl is AnnaSophia Berry.

I’d like to ask you all to pray for AnnaSophia and the Berry family. AnnaSophia has gone through more medically in her tiny life than most of us will go through in a lifetime. She is now awaiting a heart transplant.

Mary, (AnnaSophia’s mother) and I talked for a long time that night. There was such a connection, as we bonded over God’s love and blessings on our children- through the most trying of circumstances. Mary and her family are heavy on my heart.

So, would you all pray with me for the Berry family?
To read more of this incredible story, go to:…


Promises, Promises by Amber Miller

I’m pleased to be a part of my good friend – Amber Miller’s – blog tour!

Amber Miller is a new author with Barbour Publishing’s line: Heartsong Presents.

Her first title: Promises, Promises released to the book club in February and is in bookstores now in July! AND — the second title in her Delaware Brides series – Quills and Promises – releases this month to the Heartsong Presents book club and will release later in stores! There will also be a third installment in this delightful Delaware series.

Promises, Promises is filled with romance, historical detail, and a touch of humor. The first chapter will reel you in and keep you baited until the end. An enchanting tale, I’m sure you will enjoy this book! If you are not a member of Heartsong Presents, there are purchase details below.

Promises, Promises
Publisher: Barbour/Heartsong Presents
Release date: February 2008 through …