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You all know I’m a writer. There’s always some kind of story brewing up in this head of mine. But for those non-writers, we’re a confusing bunch.

For instance, my incredible friend, Janelle, who does my nails. She’s always asking me, “Where do you come up with all that?” And you know what? I think I would truly scare her if she knew all the different ideas and storylines that were pinging around in my brain at any given time.

I had a lady stop me after a “brainstorm” session one day at the pool. After hearing, “oooh, and then she could do this – and the bad guy could do that – and they’d find her scarf…” she told me that it must be fun to have all the creative energy flowing all the time. Yep, we’re an odd bunch.

Anyway, I just finished my non-fiction book, No Sweat


At Last – Turkey Diving… Again

The kids and I went to Safeway the other day, and lo and behold– turkeys were on sale!

Now, considering I’ve had a couple hundred emails from people about my inventive turkey purchasing, I decided to re-post the original story.

After much interest in a post where I mentioned turkey diving -(and don’t forget the prodding and threats from my wonderful readership) – This story’s for you!

Our Safeway does this great thing before Thanksgiving where turkeys go on sale (this really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone). Anyway, it will have the really nice, brand-name turkeys for a deal – like up to a 14 pounder for a few bucks, and then over a 14 pounder for a couple bucks more. The key – is getting the most turkey poundage for your buck, right? Everyone with me so far?

Okay. So – the only …


Blessings Overflow

Since we are now in the month of November – (yikes! I better go turkey diving soon) – I’m wanting to remind us all about thanksgiving. Not just the holiday – but the act.

What is thanksgiving? Well, the Encarta Dictionary on my computer says this:
thanksgiving -
1- a prayer that offers thanks to God
2- an expression or an act of giving thanks
3- a public acknowledgment or celebration of divine goodness

All three of those definitions talk about an act – doing something. How much do we think about this? And are we in the habit of thanksgiving?

Most of you know that we just returned from a 5000+ mile road-trip. There were lots of chances to get upset, whine, grumble, or complain, (especially when people don’t use their blinkers- LOL) – but I tried to remind myself and the kiddos to find the positive. Find the …