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Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover… Or A Mom

We’re all good at judging, aren’t we?

I realize that no matter how hard I try, there will always be someone who doesn’t understand my parenting, or our situation. And I am, for the most part, a people-pleaser — so that makes it more difficult. But over the years, I’ve had situations happen — like the one I’m about to tell you — that have helped to teach me, that sometimes, it really doesn’t matter. Some people just won’t “get it.” Ever. And I don’t have to feel bad or beat myself up because of it.

My children were recently participants in a two-day swim meet. It was an exciting event, and Josh and Kayla had worked hard to prepare for it. They LOVE swimming and spend several hours each day working out with their team and at the YMCA.

Anyway, this long meet presented new challenges for us because …


Valentine’s Day Mushiness

Love is in the air. (Or is that the alluring aroma of the pecan pie I made for my husband?)

Since Saturday is Valentine’s Day, I’d like this to be an interactive-let’s-write-something-ooey-gooey kind of post.

I think everyone should share something mushy. A mushy story of you and your spouse. Or, it could be an almost-coulda-been-mushy-turned-hilarious kind of story. Or even an I-wish-this-would-happen-to-me kind of story.

Who’s game?

And just to get everyone started, here’s mine:
For Valentine’s Day eighteen years ago, the man who is now my husband presented me with a teddy bear holding a little box. In that little box was the yummiest piece of chocolate ever. (And I am a chocolate snob! So my man knew his stuff.)

As the morsel melted in my mouth, I hugged my sweet guy. We were in Bible College, and neither of us had much money, so his gift …



We had the experience of being the first home built in our neighborhood. We’ve been here a year and a half (roughly), and many homes have sprouted since.

A couple of months ago, the kiddos and I made cookies to bring to all the neighbors. Wouldn’t you know, not one neighbor was home when we went to deliver them! :) Yes, I know, my life.

Anyway, we will of course, try again – but today, I had a wonderful introduction.

My neighbor who lives behind us stopped by. A beautiful, and incredibly sweet lady – I felt an instant connection. She had stayed away for awhile, like many of our neighbors, because of the whole TV thing. (I have to say that the respect for our privacy has been wonderful and generous.) But I’m so thankful she dropped by today.

We have an odd situation. We don’t get out much, so …