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Reading Contest!!

Okay, folks. We only have a few weeks left in our reading contest. Gather up all the titles and page numbers and keep a tally sheet to send to me. We have incredible, and I do mean, INCREDIBLE prizes.

If you have any questions or comments – post them soon, so that everyone is ready for the contest to end.

I’m so excited about how many people have entered this reading contest. Here is a link to some of the books that will be given away as prizes. With links to all the incredible authors’ websites.

So check out the books and keep those pages turning. Time is running short!

Here is another reminder and more info.

Keep track of the title, author, and number of pages for the books that you read.
And ALL books count. If you are a pre-school teacher and read a stack of books each …


Words… How Are We Using Them?

All of us “writers” are wordsmiths. We string words together like beautifully made jewelry, attempting to paint a picture that inspires the mind and soul.

But they aren’t always used that way. They can be a powerful sword that slices through people’s hearts.

When someone wrongs you, do you go bash that person online with your words? Do you spread all the horrible stories you know about them, trying to get everyone to take your side? Do you get on the phone and spew hateful words? Twitter? Facebook? Blogs?

I’m challenging us all today, because words can hurt. In this age of technology, it takes but mere seconds to get our thoughts out there to the masses. The problem is, how many of us pray about those words before we write them? say them?

I just received an email from a reader who had heard an untruth about our family’s …


Chasing My Tail

Yes, I know, if I were truly chasing my tail – it would be smaller. But seriously, where does the time go?

Between speaking engagements, edits, deadlines, photo inserts, radio interviews, homeschooling, swim team, and just plain ole life – I’m behind. And I’m talking WAY, way, way behind.

Biggest news is that my non-fiction book is available for pre-order now! Woohoo! Please celebrate with me and let everyone know!

Next, I was also asked to contribute to another book that is coming out this summer – please check the books page for more details.

I’d encourage every one of you to get on twitter and follow me – my name is kimwoodhouse on twitter. There are several buttons on the website to make it easy for you – but it will also help to keep everyone informed.

There’s much more to come – with pics of the Grand Canyon, …