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Who Will Win?

Our year-long reading contest is coming to a close! Everyone needs to get their tallies in to me by June 30th.

We’ve had over 3,500 participants write in over the past year that they were participating, and we have WONDERFUL prizes – lots of great books donated from INCREDIBLE authors! Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this possible.

Remember to email through the site –
Your name, your address, total number of books read with title and author, total number of pages read, and if you read through the entire Bible in this past year. Am I missing anything?

Winners will be announced in July, (if all 3,500 of you send in sheets, it may take us awhile to sort through them all) and we will be sending out the prizes. My wonderful friend and assistant, Lori, will be having fun at the post office – that’s …



I posted this on our ACFWColorado blog this morning and thought I’d share it here:

Writing should be a discipline. How many of you look at it as such?

As I sit here at the pool for another long swim-team practice, I’m struck by that word – discipline. My kids are swimmers. We have practice six days a week, three hours a day. Then, we head to the YMCA and they swim for another hour or two. They are disciplined. Determined. Focused. When I was growing up, it was piano practice that took two to three hours of my day. My point? To excel at anything, you have to practice. It’s a discipline.

I’ve met a lot of other writers since immersing myself in this world of an author. One thing I have noticed is how many “wannabe” writers – and even a few published writers – don’t want to …


The End is Drawing Near – Reading Contest

I’ve already received some of your lists, and others have asked how much longer they have to read. :) You guys are great!

I will accept entries until the last day of June. So read your little hearts out until then, just make sure I receive your entry by June 30.

Remember, keep track of number of books, pages, and your Bible reading.

It has been a great year – thank you all so much for sticking with me on this challenge! It has been a crazy year for us, and this grew bigger than I expected. I really had no idea how many people would enter, and what an inspiration it would be to so many to read! I may do another one soon (a shorter one since you guys are so incredibly amazing), so be watching!

Send me a note through the contact form on this site and I’ll …