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Annual Gobble-Gobble Plunge

Well folks, it’s that time of year again. I’ve now had 352 requests about my turkey diving story… (yes, I’m anal enough to go and count them) – “when are you going to post turkey diving?” “I want to read turkey diving again” “Isn’t it turkey diving time?”

So this is for all of you… And if you haven’t experienced turkey diving yet, I expect you to try it and I wanna hear all about it!

After much interest in a post where I mentioned turkey diving -(and don’t forget the prodding and threats from my wonderful readership) – This story’s for you!

Our Safeway does this great thing before Thanksgiving where turkeys go on sale (this really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone). Anyway, it will have the really nice, brand-name turkeys for a deal – like up to a 14 pounder for a few bucks, …


Things I Learned…

I just returned from a six-week book/speaking tour for the launch of my book, Welcome Home.
Over the period of travel for this trip, I learned some valuable lessons that I think others should know, should they decide to venture out on a similar endeavor.

Now, I should give you a disclaimer: I have been touring for almost 12 years with my speaking and music ministry – but I’m still learning – as you will discover below. :)

Things I learned on my six-week tour:

  • Water is precious. This I know firsthand, from living in Colorado where we pay a pretty penny for our water. But in an RV – water is REALLY precious – especially hot water.
  • The inability to use cruise control for over 6,000 miles – while pulling George (the aforementioned RV) through heavy wind and up and down hills… not a good thing. I still have