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From Kayla’s Perspective #2…

God works in mysterious ways. He creates us each unique and different for His own special purposes. When I was younger, I had no clue that I would become the youngest-published-full-length-novelist ever. (Try to say that ten times fast!)

Writing is an adventure, let’s just get that straight right now. But I wouldn’t trade it in for the world. By pursuing what you want to do, you learn, you grow, and you laugh your head off. Plus, if you’re like me, you get grumpy sometimes. (LOL)

Each week I learn new things. For example:
-This week, I learned about the “uh ohs” in author intrusion when writing in first person.
-When you write on the computer, it helps to use the synonym thing-a-ma-bob and the spelling correcting whatcha call it.
-Don’t write when you’re about to fall asleep.
-And always get a good book (as a reward) to push you …


Monday Morning Madness…

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Out of all the blogs I’ve posted – I’ve received more email and responses on these random blogs. So, here ya go – every random thought I’ve had in the past 60 seconds:

-my doctor friend thinks it’s funny that I always ask questions like, “how long would it take someone to die from… ?” (I promise I only kill characters, not real people)
-but I hate to kill bugs. huh.
-however, I do kill bugs – (with great flare, I’m sure) – because I can’t stand to have unwelcome visitors in my home.
-thankfully, Colorado doesn’t have many bugs.
-my friend Chris once climbed onto a table and called me to come kill a spider for her.
-maybe I scare people?
-I wrote 10,000 words yesterday.
-my brain is tired
-my husband will probably wonder if I have any words …


Let’s Get Together… Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…

There are so many things I would’ve missed out on had Kayla and I not started writing together. (And I’m not just talking about book contracts…)

It’s funny how you don’t realize these things until you are in the midst of them. Kayla may be only 12, and will be the youngest published full-length novelist, and she has opportunities placed in front of her that a lot of us would have dreamed of having at her age – but she’s also been through more–persisting through the tough times–than most of us have had to deal with our entire lives.

Writing together has brought us even closer together. Our creative brains just feed off each other – brainstorming and plotting take on new meaning. And the laughter is doubled – (and we laughed a lot before, so this is significant!)

It’s also been fun to understand a little more about her. …


A Giant Dinosaur and a Magical Drumstick

Well, today was very interesting. Here, let me explain. Just turn on your imagination and follow me. . .

My BFF, Kyle Wan Kenobi, and I were walking innocently through the Ding Dong jungle, when suddenly—a gigantic Purple Dinosaur jumped out and wailed.

“BooHoo!” He cried so hard, we felt bad for him.

“Kaylakin Scoobanobi, what do we do?” Kyle Wan Kenobi asked me as he unattached his drumstick and light saber.

“I don’t know,” I shrugged and shifted my weight to one leg as I thought about this sticky situation. “What should we do in this sticky situation?” I asked.

“That’s it!” Kyle snapped and beat his drum stick seven times as he recited the alphabet quickly. Out ran thirteen peacocks carrying pieces of toast, buttered, and covered in jelly.

I looked at him with confuzzlement.

“This Dino is purple,” he answered my unasked question. “Purple Dinosaurs love sticky …


Ah, the Joys of Writing… and Taxes

It’s that time of year. Tax season.

Tomorrow morning, I have an appointment with my amazing accountant for all my business related (writing/author)”stuff.” He’s been handling all this for several years, and as the business has grown, I’ve had to learn A LOT. Last year, he told me that it was a good idea to purchase QuickBooks Pro for my “stuff.”

This is what has happened since:

I went straight to Costco and purchased said program.

Six months later, I realized I better figure it out to input the mountain of receipts/deposits/inventory… i.e. “stuff.”

Looked at it.

Decided it was complicated.

Went and brainstormed a new book instead.

Looked again at pile of receipts.

Felt guilty.

Called a QuickBooks expert trainer to come teach me. (Thankfully this person still likes me after that craziness.)

Was so proud of myself after getting everything into the amazing program.

Then… I went on …


From Kayla’s Perspective #1

Note from Kim:
As we dive into this new year and new stories, Kayla and I are blogging about our writing-together-adventures. I’m already behind (thanks to a lovely sickness I started my year off with) – so bear with me, as I try to catch you up. If you are reading this on my website then Kayla will be blogging on Tues. and I will be blogging on Thursdays about this fun adventure. (Other blogging will continue there as well.)If you are reading this on our website together this is what our blog is about. And don’t forget that Kayla has her own website and blog for kids over at

Now I’m going to hand it over to Kayla – my 12-yr-old, amazing daughter.
Thanks for stopping by!

From Kayla’s Perspective #1–
Howdie and Welcome!

My mom and I love to write, but the problem is …


Random Thoughts for a Monday Morning

The crazy rabbit trails of a writer’s mind. Best shown on a Monday. All this took place in less than sixty seconds:

- I wonder how many Dr. Peppers I could drink in one day if I was REALLY stressed…
- In doing research for current novel, I talk to the Rangers a lot. Discovered there are three people on (climbing) Denali right now. In the dead of winter, in the dark. My thoughts? They’re missing a few of their marbles…
- The Rangers are very cool. I like them a lot.
- I wonder if they think I’m crazy.
- I miss Alaska.
- I miss heated garages.
- It would be nice to have a garage that “Little Gracie” (my Expedition) could actually fit in.
- I love it when my husband grills.
- I love it when my husband grants me an entire writing day by doing …