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Contest WINNER!

All righty, folks…

The Grand Prize winner of the Kindle and the Alaskan gift basket and signed books is : Kris T. (Since we’ve had issues with the commenting – make sure you send an email to info at kimberleywoodhouse dot com as well!)

You have 24 hours to comment on this post – and if you don’t, another winner will be chosen. The winners of books will be posted after that (just in case the winner doesn’t claim their prize – we want everyone to be eligible for the Grand Prize.)

Thanks for participating! We had over 200 people enter the contest.…



Hey Everyone,
I will give you through the weekend (midnight – April 17th) to enter our contest with prizes including a Kindle, an Alaskan gift basket, and signed books!

I’m re-posting all the original information below and remember that if the commenting is not working, just send all your info and answers to the email addy listed below – you will still be entered. A lot of people have had trouble with the comments.


Okay everyone, we’re going to have a little contest to celebrate the release of NO SAFE HAVEN. From today until April 15th – you can enter as many times as you want, but every entry must have ALL the answers and your special word :) – we’re going to host a little scavenger hunt. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE POST CAREFULLY TO UNDERSTAND THE RULES TO ENTER.

A brand new WiFI Kindle. (value – …


The Cart Before the Horse

I’ve had the incredible privilege of being challenged and having my toes stepped on by books and studies the past couple weeks. Books that were on my “To Be Read” shelf. And I was fascinated by how they all seemed to go together and intertwine and convict me when they are all completely different.

I won’t go into any great detail here, but I do want to ask you: Are you putting the cart before the horse?

How many times do we go off on our own agendas without seeking HIM first?
Should we even have our own agendas?
Aren’t we the servants to the Master?

Jesus said, “Come. Follow Me.”

He didn’t say, “Kim, I’ll make sure I give you an itinerary and let you check it before you go.”

I love it that He hasn’t given up on me and that I’m still learning even though I have …


A Chance to Win a Kindle and Signed Books!

Hey Everyone,
You’ve been so great sending us emails about the contest. I understand that there have been issues with the commenting and I’m hoping that it is cleared up. For all of you who sent emails with your inquiries and also with all your answers, but the comments weren’t working, don’t worry – you’re still entered. :) I made sure we have everyone’s entry so far in the master list.

For those of you who may be new to our blogs and have just seen our contest – I’ll repost all the directions below. Feel free to ask questions if you don’t understand :)

We just returned from another book trip and as we drove through Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Colorado – I couldn’t help but think of the heart of America: its people, small towns, farms, and ranches. I’m sure there will be a post with my …