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Remember when your kids were toddlers? (Or they might still be toddlers now) And that’s all you heard? “Mommommommommommommommommommom” etc. (Okay, so those of us with teenagers might hear that all the time too!)

It’s a beautiful sound. To be called “Mom.”

I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. Mother’s Day this year was a little crazy as we were in California for a TV taping, so I’ve been doing my reminiscing over the past week or so since we returned.

I love being a mom
I love hearing my kids call me “mom”
I love cooking and yes, even cleaning for my family
I love being the mom of teenagers
I love driving them to swim team day after day after day after day…
I love sitting on “deck” and writing and working, and taking peeks at their skills in the water
I love traveling with my kids…


Tag Line Anyone?

There was a discussion today taking place on the ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) loop about taglines. Someone initiated the discussion by asking the questions – “what is your tagline” and “how did you come up with it?”

One of my dearest friends in the world, Ronie Kendig, writes “Rapid-Fire Fiction” – her tagline says it all. And she’s AMAZING at it. (If you haven’t read them already, you need to pick up her books: Dead Reckoning, Nightshade, Digitalis, Wolfsbane – about to release, and Firethorn releasing next January.

I must admit that it took me only a few minutes to find my tagline – but that was after a lot of input over several weeks. From agent, editor, and lots of other author friends.

The reason I needed so much help? Well, I always need help. That’s beside the point. LOL. But seriously, I write fiction and non-fiction. I …


The Heart of America

Over the past twelve years, I’ve driven over 100,000 miles on my tours in this great country of ours. And there are several things that have “hit” me.

-Way too many people lose out because they choose to fly.
-Most people are in a hurry.
-We don’t stop and “smell the roses” enough.
-We’ve let life “run” us.

The first one is a biggie. The second one causes the first one a lot of the time. This in turn, enables the third point. And the fourth point? Well, it seems to be the root problem.

Last weekend, we were invited to be on the Hour of Power and we filmed at the Crystal Cathedral. A beautiful, beautiful place in the LA vicinity. So, we took off from Colorado and headed west.

Let me tell you, if you haven’t driven across Utah on Interstate 70 – you need to do it. …


Ironman? Conclusion :)

It’s been fun seeing all your responses via Facebook, email, and comments on my Ironman post.
Originally, I just wanted to post the story to make you laugh, I mean, who would ever think that I was an Ironman participant?
But, after sleep and much thought, I realized there was a lesson or two to be learned.

First? Clearly, the clerk was a very positive person. I didn’t question him to know for sure, but I’m assuming he thought something along the lines of, “well, anyone could participate…” right?

Which brings me to my first thoughts. John 3:16 is clear. For God so loved the WORLD. That means everyone. Whether skinny, chubby, short, tall, wealthy, poor, good-looking, homely, smelly, or … You get the picture. :) Anyone and everyone is included. We are not to judge who should be a participant, or in better terms who should be a “recipient” of …



We are traveling to the LA area to be guests on The Hour of Power at the Crystal Cathedral this weekend.

A funny thing happened to me last night as we checked into our hotel.

Let me paint the picture for you:
It’s one a.m. We’d had a radio interview, packed, and I’d driven 700 miles. Across the Rockies. And across Utah. On a side note, there are several places in Utah where there is NOTHING for 100 miles or so. We got excited to see an overpass. Seriously. Okay, back to painting the picture: did I mention it was 1:00 A.M??

The night clerk finishes the check-in process and looks at me, “so you’re participating in the Ironman?”
Me: “What!?”
Clerk: “Breakfast is at 3 a.m.”
Me: “What!?”
Clerk: “3 a.m.”
Me: “Uh… It’s 1 a.m. Right now.”
Clerk: “well, you’ll want a good breakfast before you start.”
Me …