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Niagara or BUST!

The adventures of our book tour continue… and as I try to drive, write, speak, and feed everyone in our little entourage, I find myself exhausted each day as my head hits the pillow and I think, “Man, I need to blog!”

Thanks to the wonderful people at Pulse Point Designs, we have this incredible new website – Kim (that’d be me) just needs to learn said website and keep up. :) I do appreciate everyone and your encouragement and great emails about how much you love it – we do too!! I promise, I’ll do better. Really, I do. If I can just get to a place that has fast WiFi, I’ll be doing good. (I’ve done enough typing on my iPhone to know that I stink at it!)

Anyway, last time, I told you about our “suspicious” police report and how we were thought to be book smugglers. And …


Broken Teeth, Slides, and Police Reports

I’m so excited to be blogging on our new website!! Woohoo! Don’t you all love it? Let’s all give Pulse Point Designs a huge round of applause – well, okay, maybe virtual applause – LOL

We are on a long book tour and have been through Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and now Tennessee. And guess what? We’ve had one adventure after another. Imagine that. Kim on the road. You know it is not going to be smooth sailing.

The adventures started with Kayla and I driving to St. Louis and back for ACFW conference. Kansas is so much fun to drive across. Especially twice in six days. With 15 construction zones.

Then the adventures continued with everything falling into place at the very last minute. And I mean LAST minute.

Then? We drove across Kansas. Again. Except this time, I was pulling a 40 foot fifth wheel.

We had a …