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Twenty Years…

Christmas was amazing. Time with family and friends. Time to celebrate our Savior’s birth.

But this year, there was something I looked forward to even more than Christmas.

Drum roll please… : This week, my hubby and I will hit the big 2-0. That’s right. We’ve been married twenty years.┬áDid you read that?
… 20
… two times ten
… four times five
… one fifth of a century
… one score
… you get the picture.

I’m sitting here totally amazed that Jeremy has put up with me all this time. It blows my mind that after 20 years, it’s even better than ever. And I’m also confused… where on earth did all that time go?

While it’s true that our oldest will soon be (gasp!) seventeen, and our baby will soon be fifteen (say it ain’t so!) – I truly am having trouble believing that this much …


Better than Starbucks… Cranberry Bliss Bars – Kim Style

Okay everyone, after hearing request after request for the recipe – I finally remembered to post it :)

I’ve been developing my own recipes for decades (wow, did I really just admit that I’m getting old?) and this one is easy. A friend (waving at Becca!) brought me a cranberry bliss bar (I believe these are trademarked) from Starbucks. I LOVED them, and decided to try my hand at duplicating them. The result? Well, not to toot my own horn… too much… :) But everyone liked mine better. I then had several friends who brought over other knock-off recipes from the internet and we had our own blind taste test – just to make sure that we had a recipe worthy of posting.

And… mine won! (Yes, there was a little Snoopy-dancing on my part.)

Since I posted on Facebook about it, I’ve had hundreds of emails. Yes, I’m giving you the …


A chance to win signed books for Christmas!

Would you like to give some books for Christmas? We’re giving away 3 sets of signed – Welcome Home, No Safe Haven, and Race Against Time to the top three “word-of-mouth”ers :) All you have to do to enter is twitter about us and/or one or all of the books, (make sure you @reply me @kimwoodhouse or we won’t see it) share about us here on facebook, send people to the fan page, blog about us or the books, etc. Basically anything social media. Each mention needs to be helping to spread the word about our books and each mention counts as an entry. You MUST tag or mention me or the fan page or we won’t see it. The prize includes one of each book signed, and shipping to your choice of address. To US residents only – but since we have so many friends and fans in other countries …