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Practice What You Preach…Especially at the Post Office

I’m so convicted.

Today started off uneventful. But then, I had to make a mad rush to the Post Office for an important package that had to be postmarked today.

I’m on the road on a book tour – so this entailed finding all the close Post Office locations and calling to find out their hours (because they don’t all close at the same time and it’s Saturday.)

After speaking with a very kind gentleman at the only one still open, I realized I barely had enough time to make it and raced out the door.

I arrived at the P.O. with two minutes to spare…and…?

They’re closed. Yep. CLOSED.

I knocked on the door.
No one came.
They let a customer out.
I asked about it – the man wasn’t in a good mood. He said they’re closed and I could use the machine. I told him that I …