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A Bit O’ News… and an Old Favorite – Turkey Diving

We’ve taken a good bit of time the past couple years to re-group, so to speak. :) Our lives have been crazy-overly-busy, but we’ve wanted to keep our priorities straight.

In doing that, we backed off the blogging. Yes, I know. (No need to throw any cyber tomatoes at us – LOL) We’ve received all your emails about how we’re doing, and that you’ve missed it. Well, today, we want you all to know that yes, in 2013, we’ll be getting back to it.

But to update you all, we are still in our amazing EMHE home. We only had it on the market a little while and discovered it was really difficult to find the “right” buyer. This home was built for special needs, and we’re hoping that it can go to a family that has special needs. We appreciate your prayers for that.

Be watching because we have blogs …