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A Misbehaving Gall-Bladder and Super Pants

Almost five weeks ago, I had emergency surgery… not something I planned and definitely not something I would have WANTED to plan into my schedule. But thankfully, I’m not in charge :)

So, I’ve been recovering from the removal of an internal organ and a few realizations have hit me.
1) I’m definitely not Super Woman.
2) I’m getting “older” – this of course had to happen the year I’ll be turning 40…
3) Per #2 – I don’t bounce back to my normal energizer-bunny-self as fast as I’d like.
4) I’m convinced that when the surgical nurse told me that during surgery there was “a lot of bumping around in there” – those were code words for “you’re going to be sore for a really, really, really, really, really long time.”

Now, I’m okay with all of the above. I’ve been healthy. In fact when the nurse found out I …