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“He is No Fool…”

It’s pretty easy to be shallow and self-absorbed in the society in which we live. Unfortunately, we live in the “entitlement” era.
But for just a moment, I want you to think about all that you have… No matter if you are a CEO or unemployed–think about how MUCH you have. (Don’t think about all you DON’T have, or all that you want, or all the bills you need to pay – think about what you have. Look around you.)
I’m betting it’s a lot more than absolutely nothing.

Which is what you will be taking with you when you die. Absolutely NOTHING.

So what’s of eternal value? Think about it…

I’ve been studying missionary/martyr Jim Elliot’s life (many know the gist of his story, but there’s SO much more to it) and while still a student in college, he wrote, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot …