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THE MAYFLOWER BRIDE – from the Heart of the Author

As I sit at my desk in my *almost* unpacked office in our new home, I’ve been reading emails from readers. Ten came in just this morning about The Mayflower Bride which releases officially today. I have to admit that they brought tears to my eyes.

Why? Well, one, because I love to hear from my readers. Any instance they sacrifice a bit of their time to let me know that a book I wrote touched them is priceless to me. And two, this book was extremely difficult to write and I’ve prayed and prayed that it didn’t… well, to be honest… stink.

Yes, we authors often wonder if our work is “good enough.” The Mayflower Bride was humbling to me because not only does it center around such a significant point in history–and I needed to honor that in the best way that I could–but I was recovering from …