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Heart On A String…

Kim Woodhouse

The post below is actually from a draft I wrote years ago. In fact the “Tomorrow” part shows that this was from Sept. 25, 2012. So much has happened since and yet, this blog is still relevant. The same yearnings. The same longings. The same ponderings. :) The post feels incomplete… but I think it’s best that way. So I’m going to leave you with my heart on a string…


Yesterday was a weird day. Thought provoking conversations, do-overs, and ‘what now’s?

Today has been a day filled with sorrow. A precious lady went home to be with the Lord after a long battle with cancer. I know I should be rejoicing that she is no longer in pain, no longer suffering. But it’s still hard to think of her gone… to think of her beautiful, sweet family and the tough days ahead as they face the loss.

Tomorrow is a day of celebration – six years ago, our precious daughter Kayla underwent brain decompression surgery. It’s amazing to me what God has done through her and how incredible she is doing.

Right now… ┬áhere I sit. A million different thoughts tumbling through my brain. My heart aching. My soul rejoicing.

Over the years, God has blessed me with some really incredible people in my life. I feel I’ve taken so many of them for granted. All the “what-ifs” and “shoulda, couldas” pile on with regret. If only…

In our society of instantaneous results, responses, and actions, it’s getting harder and harder to be “real.”

And yet, I long to be real. I want to lay my heart out on a string and not have it squashed and crushed and trampled on. I yearn for real relationships, deep friendships… not the shallow, fluffy stuff. I have some very precious ones in my life. But why can’t ALL our relationships be real, deep, and not fluffy?


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