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Mountain Springs

Kim Woodhouse

This morning I had the awesome privilege of visiting a church in our area that reached out to us in an amazing way.

We didn’t know the pastor. He didn’t know us. In fact, I don’t think anyone on staff there had ever heard of our family before the week of the build. That’s what makes this even more special.

Anyway, the pastor heard there was a need and while we were gone during the build – he told his church family about us and they gave to our family in a HUGE way. Not only in financial gifts, but in love, prayer and commitment. We have received countless cards, encouraging notes and letters, gift cards and packages from this wonderful body of Christ. They have embraced us in love and shown what a family should really do.

I stood in awe this morning of our great God. That He would care so much about me, so much about our family that He would give us this beautiful example in these beautiful people. And when times have been so difficult – you know the enemy is attacking and just wants to hurt you, yank the rug out from under you and steal your joy– the LORD is so good to give you the encouragement and love in a body of believers. We so needed that, and it came unexpected and unconditionally.

So, to the people of Mountain Springs – Thank You. God Bless You.

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  • Southern Cheesehead says:

    that’s so precious and so like our wonderful Savior. I hope that you are doing well…been bowling lately? ha ha

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