Kim And Kayla Woodhouse, Stories Of Faith, Perserverance And Joy.


Speaking Topics

Faith & Family

  • The Woodhouse Story
    Travel the road with the Woodhouse family through incredible hurdles, brain surgery and mounting medical bills to the amazing, “Good Morning, Woodhouse Family!” from Ty Pennington and the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition crew. You’ll be inspired and encouraged that no matter what, God’s joy is there.
  • Grab onto Joy!
    A shorter version of their story with a challenge to the listener in their walk with the Lord. God’s joy can never be taken away.
  • Walking in Righteousness
    Let’s walk the walk together. By faith and not by sight. An in-depth challenge for women’s groups to focus on J.O.Y. and running the race set before us.
  • Run Your Race
    My race isn’t your race, and your race isn’t my race. So how do you separate yourself from the rest and not compare? A wonderful session for retreats or women’s groups, Kim will help you dig deep to find the Olympic champion inside.


 Just for Writers

  • Collaborative Writing
    Kim and Kayla take you behind the scenes on “how it’s done.” A great session for writing groups and conferences. Great for teens and adults alike.
  • You’re NOT Just a Writer
    Gone are the days where a writer could be just a writer. Authors are now proposal-writing, marketing-guru-social-media-expert, traveling salesmen– who also write.
  • Perseverance and Writing
    This isn’t a hobby. Why are you writing? Who are you writing for? And how on earth do you persevere through the junk?
  • Deep POV
  • Self-Editing and Critiquing
  • The BASICS of Fiction
  • GMC – Goal Motivation and Conflict


Audience Applause

“Recently, Kim and her family visited our church for a presentation, concert, and testimony. To say that it was an absolutely phenomenal event, would be a tremendous understatement. Kim touched everyone there with her honesty, warmth and genuine spirit and made us all realize how God could work through any/all circumstances, and show us the hope that we had somehow misplaced. Afterward, one of our couples, Patricia and Cecil, approached me to tell me how Kim had touched their lives and their hearts, and what an inspiration she was to them. Patricia said, ‘I now realize how much whining I have been doing over the last year and I plan to stop that right now! Kim and Kayla have shown me an inner strength that I never knew existed.’ Cecil had been diagnosed with prostrate cancer over a year ago, and he and Patricia had been struggling during that difficult period. ‘Kim had reminded us that we need to change our focus back to God and give Him the glory in all things, even the struggles. Please pass on to Kim how much she has meant to us, and what a true blessing and privilege it was to hear her story and meet her family.’” ~Bill (deacon), McDonough Road Baptist Church


“Wow, what can I say about this phenomenal lady? Kim is one of the most incredible people I know. She is the very epitome of faith in action. Her sense of humor and loving compassion for friends and family have truly been an inspiration to me. I know that God is going to use her in a powerful way to bless others with her writing and speaking.” ~Tracie Peterson, best-selling author of the Ladies of Liberty and Alaskan Quest series


“Kim Woodhouse is a gifted author and teacher. She has a heart to help people be who God created them to be. As the mother of a child with a disability, Kim has faced and overcome many adversities. As a result, she has gained valuable wisdom and insight to authentically speak into the lives of many in the midst of their struggles and triumphs. She is a wonderful mother, wife and friend. Your life is forever blessed and changed after meeting and getting to know Kim.” ~Laura Howe – Life Network


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