Announcing… The First Annual Short Story Contest!

*Drum roll…* Spread the word! The Write Nook is hosting it’s first annual short story contest! Price: Free! Ages 13+ All genres accepted! Open: January 1, 2018 – March 1, 2018 Winner will receive: a TWN t-shirt, a free 5-page edit from all four of The Write Nook’s professional Editors, and a spotlight on our […]

Lesson # 87: Exercises for POV

In Lesson #83, we talked about making an existing POV stronger. Here are some exercises for ya: 1) Imagine a city park with a gazebo, playground and lots of mature trees. Describe the park from the POV of a parent there playing frisbee with a kid. 2) Across the street from the park is a […]

Lesson #82: Exercises for SETTING

From now on, every five lessons we will incorporate an “exercise” lesson. Consider these lessons the “workbook” portion of your very own “Write Nook Textbook”. Take what you’ve learned from these last few lessons on setting. You can use the prompts/exercises below (modifying them if you’d like) or search for similar exercises from trustworthy sites/books […]

Lesson #79: What’s in a Setting?

In one of my college courses (I’m an English Literature major), I read a novel titled “Waiting for the Barbarians” by J. M. Coetzee. It’s an intriguing book for several reasons, but especially because of how the novel was written: it has very little defined setting. Let me explain.  The book is intentionally written to […]

Lesson #77: Writing the Show-Down

Every story has an ending. Smash-bang stories, however, will have smash-bang endings. By smash-bang, I don’t mean action-packed, surprising, or emotional. (Though a smash-bang ending can be this way). When I say “smash-bang ending,” what I really mean is that the ending is influential and changes the reader, makes the reader contemplative, and/or leaves the […]

Lesson #71: Adding Layers to a Plot

  My dad has a best-seller story idea. Are you ready? He died. They all went home. The end. (That’s not the plot. That’s the book. All of it. *clears throat* He’s not much of a reader…) Though there are many plot “skeletons” and formats we generally use in fiction (as the wonderful example above […]