Lesson #68 Creating Complex characters

Before we dive into today’s lesson, I have a message to pass along from you from Kim. She’s been…hmmm…how do I sum this up? Kim spent a couple weeks in the hospital with various, terrifically painful conditions, and she’s not done having surgeries yet. There. That’s fairly succinct. She promises to have her lessons up […]

Lesson #66 Unique Characters

  While you lathered up under the shower’s spray, a character pushed himself into your mind. He was tall, dark and handsome AND–get this– he was a professional mouth organist who toured the world playing harmonica while taking care of his schizophrenic, bi-polar mother who had rickets. He also bred a bouncing brood of howler monkeys […]

Lesson #65: Strengthening Characters

In this lesson, we’ll discuss how to strengthen an already-existing character. Check out Lessons #62, #63, and #64 to learn more about strengthening plot, voice, and setting. Questions to Ask Are you editing an old manuscript? Have you transferred a character from one story to another? Are you editing your current manuscript and noticing some […]