Lesson #92: Exercises for Description

In Lesson #88, Darcie talked about describing a scene. Find an image of a well-known painting, person, place, or character. Write out a description of the image without identifying who or what it is. Only give yourself about ten minutes to write out the description. When you are done, find an unsuspecting victim, give them […]

Announcing… The First Annual Short Story Contest!

*Drum roll…* Spread the word! The Write Nook is hosting it’s first annual short story contest! Price: Free! Ages 13+ All genres accepted! Open: January 1, 2018 – March 1, 2018 Winner will receive: a TWN t-shirt, a free 5-page edit from all four of The Write Nook’s professional Editors, and a spotlight on our […]

Lesson #91: Describing Characters

In Lessons 88, 89, and 90, we discussed description – namely, describing scenes, action, and emotion. Now, we will discuss how to describe characters. When it comes to describing characters, I like to use some examples from my favorite books. So, I invite you to make a list of what you see as you read […]

Lesson #90: Describing Emotion

In Lessons 88 and 89, we discussed description in scenes and describing action. Now, let’s take a look at describing emotion. Emotion is a significant tool writers can use in their stories. Emotion in the characters and situations can help draw readers into the story in a personal way. However, using emotion (and namely: in […]

Lesson #77: Writing the Show-Down

Every story has an ending. Smash-bang stories, however, will have smash-bang endings. By smash-bang, I don’t mean action-packed, surprising, or emotional. (Though a smash-bang ending can be this way). When I say “smash-bang ending,” what I really mean is that the ending is influential and changes the reader, makes the reader contemplative, and/or leaves the […]

Lesson #68 Creating Complex characters

Before we dive into today’s lesson, I have a message to pass along from you from Kim. She’s been…hmmm…how do I sum this up? Kim spent a couple weeks in the hospital with various, terrifically painful conditions, and she’s not done having surgeries yet. There. That’s fairly succinct. She promises to have her lessons up […]

Lesson #66 Unique Characters

  While you lathered up under the shower’s spray, a character pushed himself into your mind. He was tall, dark and handsome AND–get this– he was a professional mouth organist who toured the world playing harmonica while taking care of his schizophrenic, bi-polar mother who had rickets. He also bred a bouncing brood of howler monkeys […]

Lesson #65: Strengthening Characters

In this lesson, we’ll discuss how to strengthen an already-existing character. Check out Lessons #62, #63, and #64 to learn more about strengthening plot, voice, and setting. Questions to Ask Are you editing an old manuscript? Have you transferred a character from one story to another? Are you editing your current manuscript and noticing some […]