Lesson #77: Writing the Show-Down

Every story has an ending. Smash-bang stories, however, will have smash-bang endings. By smash-bang, I don’t mean action-packed, surprising, or emotional. (Though a smash-bang ending can be this way). When I say “smash-bang ending,” what I really mean is that the ending is influential and changes the reader, makes the reader contemplative, and/or leaves the […]

Lesson #8: Middle Structures

Throwing Rocks Pretty much every writer would benefit from listening to that wonderful, age-old advice: “get your hero up a tree and throw rocks at him.” Well, Act One is where you get your hero up a tree; Act Two is where you throw rocks at him. These rocks can be two different things: plot […]

Lesson #7: The Sagging Middle

Where To? Now that you’ve got your attention-grabbing beginning, it’s time to look at the Act Two – more commonly known as Mr. Middle. Mr. Middle tends to have a sagging belly; and he’s known for dragging on and on and boring his listeners. So for Lesson #7, we’re going to cover some techniques to […]

Lesson #5: Beginnings (Act One)

About Beginnings The beginning of a story – and especially a written manuscript – is probably the most important part of the skeleton to catch your reader’s attention. If a reader does not like the beginning of a book, most of the time he/she will put it down. It’s very rare that a reader, reading […]