Lesson #65: Strengthening Characters

In this lesson, we’ll discuss how to strengthen an already-existing character. Check out Lessons #62, #63, and #64 to learn more about strengthening plot, voice, and setting. Questions to Ask Are you editing an old manuscript? Have you transferred a character from one story to another? Are you editing your current manuscript and noticing some […]

Lesson #58: Purpose of Crit Groups

Purpose of Crit Groups  Let me preface this post by stating this: I am part of one of the best critique groups on the planet. You’ve heard me reference my bloodthirsty crit partners several times. And I probably should point out that my bloodthirsty crit partners are also contributors to this resource. Kim, Becca, and […]

Lesson #40: Self-Publishing Pros and Cons

Self Publishing: Is it the right option for you?   Less than a decade ago self-publishing was called vanity publishing. It was frowned upon by many professionals.   But that changed. Now it’s called self-publishing. Well known authors such as Brandilyn Collins and James Scott Bell have gone that route. Joanna Penn, of the amazing […]

Lesson #39: Publishing 101

Obviously, a lot of people who write (as a craft) hope to see their book published someday. So, for the next few lessons, we’ll discuss the world of publishing! Please note: before we get into all of this, know that the following opinions are just that – opinions. While we will strive to keep our […]

Lesson #38: Self-Editing

What is self-editing? Hopefully, you answered that self-editing means to edit your own written work. There’s not any hidden meaning there. It’s pretty simple. Okay, yes, but how and why? Before I tackle the how, I wanted to tackle the why. Why self-edit? There are a few reasons: 1) it makes you a better writer […]