Lesson #31: Sentence Structure

In this lesson, we’ll be discussing sentence structure. What is sentence structure? At first, you may visualize the page of a book; you’re keeping an eye out for each individual sentence’s beginning and end. Or you may see LEGO blocks making up a giant structure with sentences written on them, as I do (what can […]

Lesson #11: Show Versus Tell

We’ve crossed the threshold… Now that we’ve finished our “overview” of the Three Acts and basics of plot, we’ll dive into some of the foundational nitty-gritties during the month of April. In Lesson #11 and Lesson #12, we’ll talk about Show Versus Tell. In Lesson #13 and Lesson #14, we’ll cover Deep POV. In Lesson […]

Lesson #7: The Sagging Middle

Where To? Now that you’ve got your attention-grabbing beginning, it’s time to look at the Act Two – more commonly known as Mr. Middle. Mr. Middle tends to have a sagging belly; and he’s known for dragging on and on and boring his listeners. So for Lesson #7, we’re going to cover some techniques to […]