Lesson #32: Search and Destroy

If you’ve ever taken a class from me at a writing conference, you’ve probably heard me say at least one time, “You need to become best friends with your delete button.” Why would I say such a thing? Because it’s true. Most writers and authors have a bit of a love-hate relationship with their delete […]

Lesson #31: Sentence Structure

In this lesson, we’ll be discussing sentence structure. What is sentence structure? At first, you may visualize the page of a book; you’re keeping an eye out for each individual sentence’s beginning and end. Or you may see LEGO blocks making up a giant structure with sentences written on them, as I do (what can […]

Lesson #15: Setting and Research

We’ve all been there. You know you’ve been there. We read books set in such-and-such a place in such-and-such a time; we also live in such-and-such a place and have done our research about such-and-such a time. So it’s incredibly aggravating when an author writes inaccurate information. Or when an author uses unrealistic content. Or […]

Lesson #13: Deep POV

Watch out, we’re diving into Deep POV! But don’t worry; you won’t drown – if you know the fundamentals and strong points. And we’re here to help! So get ready for an adventure because we’re about to delve into one of the most influential, fascinating, transforming, and effective facets of the creative writing craft. You […]