Lesson #77: Writing the Show-Down

Every story has an ending. Smash-bang stories, however, will have smash-bang endings. By smash-bang, I don’t mean action-packed, surprising, or emotional. (Though a smash-bang ending can be this way). When I say “smash-bang ending,” what I really mean is that the ending is influential and changes the reader, makes the reader contemplative, and/or leaves the […]

Lesson #71: Adding Layers to a Plot

  My dad has a best-seller story idea. Are you ready? He died. They all went home. The end. (That’s not the plot. That’s the book. All of it. *clears throat* He’s not much of a reader…) Though there are many plot “skeletons” and formats we generally use in fiction (as the wonderful example above […]

Lesson #10: Danger: Road Ends!

“The End.” Those words have been printed, spoken, and seen who-knows-how-many times throughout the ages. Whether it’s a direct statement or a logical fact, your story must end at the end – that is to say, it must come to a close. (Note: your series may continue. But your story must end. What do I […]

Lesson #9: Elements of a Good Ending

Well, in the past two weeks we’ve discussed beginnings and middles (Act One and Act Two)… we’re nearing “the end” – which is most authors’ favorite part! Most of the time the end is the section that brings some excitement and relief. The end is usually the “breath of fresh air” because you know you’re […]

Lesson #8: Middle Structures

Throwing Rocks Pretty much every writer would benefit from listening to that wonderful, age-old advice: “get your hero up a tree and throw rocks at him.” Well, Act One is where you get your hero up a tree; Act Two is where you throw rocks at him. These rocks can be two different things: plot […]