Lesson #77: Writing the Show-Down

Every story has an ending. Smash-bang stories, however, will have smash-bang endings. By smash-bang, I don’t mean action-packed, surprising, or emotional. (Though a smash-bang ending can be this way). When I say “smash-bang ending,” what I really mean is that the ending is influential and changes the reader, makes the reader contemplative, and/or leaves the […]

Lesson #18: GMC Charts

(Note: At the end of this post is a downloadable GMC chart.) So this lesson will be relatively short (hopefully) because you will need to try it out on your own – and because Kayla did such a great job with the introduction of the subject. *** But before we go any further – I […]

Lesson #9: Elements of a Good Ending

Well, in the past two weeks we’ve discussed beginnings and middles (Act One and Act Two)… we’re nearing “the end” – which is most authors’ favorite part! Most of the time the end is the section that brings some excitement and relief. The end is usually the “breath of fresh air” because you know you’re […]

Lesson #8: Middle Structures

Throwing Rocks Pretty much every writer would benefit from listening to that wonderful, age-old advice: “get your hero up a tree and throw rocks at him.” Well, Act One is where you get your hero up a tree; Act Two is where you throw rocks at him. These rocks can be two different things: plot […]

Lesson #7: The Sagging Middle

Where To? Now that you’ve got your attention-grabbing beginning, it’s time to look at the Act Two – more commonly known as Mr. Middle. Mr. Middle tends to have a sagging belly; and he’s known for dragging on and on and boring his listeners. So for Lesson #7, we’re going to cover some techniques to […]